Ain’t no sunshine

Dated – November, 2010

Sunshine left. Its literally been dark and dreary in Chennai. At least I think it is. Finding things to do has become tough. Home doesn’t seem like home anymore. Just another place I stay in. The problem with friends is they make your life so blessed that you forget how life was without them. This is what I had written a good month and a half back. Ran short of words since then. Missing people has become an acquired habit since then. Old friends…close ones..lost ones..just all of them. I want to pick up all of them, put them all in one city and then grow old happily ever after. Yeah, my happy ever after stories are not the cliched boy meets girl stories. Mine are different. Nice different I think.

Retreating monsoon has hit Chennai finally. There is a joy in walking on the beach, with the clouds and drizzle to accompany you. Living in a city with a beach should be on everyone’s list. This city gets brownie points for the beautiful beaches and the proximity to Pondicherry. Its not Goa but its quite something. 🙂 Come without prejudices, and you might just end up liking the city I currently live in.

Two big big weddings coming up. Dada’s and a friend’s..a friend who is my sanity keeper..a friend without whom I can’t quite imagine what growing up would’ve been like. Big events like these put me in denial. Don’t judge, it is all pure unadulterated happiness. But am no good with change you know.

Someone very dear mentioned that there’s a lot of good that comes with change. Makes life unpredictable. Keeps you intrigued. Intrigue after all is the cure for boredom. A disease I suffer from. But yeah, change can be formidable too. Hits you where it hurts the most. And then says, deal with it. We deal with it in many a ways. Look back or look forward to things. Phase out and let time just pass by. Closet oneself or venture out. Get stuck in the ‘what-if’ loop or pretend nonchalance. There is no time-tested hence-proved formula to it. We deal with change – good or bad. Boils down to hope. Hope of days with lesser thoughts, easier smiles, comfort and a whole lot of warmth. You just got to keep hoping and wishing for it. Wish for it long enough. Then wait for time to do the trick.

So am hoping for sunshine tomorrow. Not clouds. Not rain. Atleast for a few hours. Did I mention how much I miss sunshine? Guess I did. 🙂 Like the song goes, it’s not warm when she’s away 😉

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