Dated – February, 2010

It is tangible. Sometimes. It is human nature. An inherent trait. Some fear less. And then some are like me. Afraid of the thought of a grey cloud, in the happiest of times. Add to it some scepticism. Some cynicism. That’s fear to me. Fear of missing that one step while humming nonchalantly down the stairs. Of never finding my feet on solid ground, while afloat in water. Of those few seconds of free fall while bungee jumping. Of not doing things right. Of not saying the right things. Fear of the sudden anger and the words that come out with it. Of forgetting the person who’s so dear today. Of crying, just to find that there’s no shoulder to hold on to. Fear of not telling people how much they mean while you have the time. Of knowing that I cannot turn back time. Neither can you. Someday someone will go so far, I won’t be able to reach them. Some one will walk away. Loneliness is not scary. I fear they’ll never know how much I cared.

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