For you Ma…

Dated – 24th October, 2009

For you, I’d walk a thousand miles,

Coz you walked with me through the highs and lows

For you, I’d smile through the rainy days,

Coz you told me that they eventually go

For you, I’d change my unruly ways,

Coz I want to deserve the pride with which you talk about me

For you, I’d achieve the goals you set

Coz I believe everything you say is right

For you, I’d learn to cook like a dream

Coz anything less won’t do justice to what I have grown up with

For you, I close my eyes and believe in God

Coz you told me that He exists

For you, I do everything Ma

And still I am a shadow of what you are

For you, I am the way I am

It is for you that I exist..

Happy Birthday Ma!

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