One Year Old!

Dated – June, 2011

I got four dislikes for my last post. Spreading misery deserves that. 😛 But it feels lighter you know. When vague notions of sadness become concrete words. You feel like a third person taking a more objective view of things. You become a little more sane. A little less miserable. And then, you remember the wise old saying – This too shall pass.

So enough is enough. My blog deserves some happy words. Some colours. Some sunshine. It rained yesterday. Something about a walk in the rain. Drenched to the core. A song in my head. Made me smile. Small life you know. Waste it pining for people or smile about the ones who are there. Happiness is always a choice you make. A difficult one sometimes, but its a choice nonetheless.

Found a spot in this quaint bookshop. A quiet corner, a hot cup of coffee and a book. Inner peace or something like it (you know what I mean if you saw Po). In that book and that familiar comforting brew, found solitude easy to sit with. Ma and baba are out on a vacation. A much needed long awaited one. I am loving it. Travelling vicariously through their anecdotes. Anecdotes for which I call them every two hours nowadays. Somewhere between us growing up and our parents growing old, we switch roles. The roads are narrow and treacherous where they are. I worry when their phone’s out of reach. And I used to think its insane for them to lose sleep over my travel escapades and perpetually out of coverage phone. 🙂 Karma I tell you. A bitch, but quite a teacher.

The book am reading right now is full of beautifully written one-liners. Seems like the author lived my life at some point of time or the other and penned all of it down. Probably anyone who reads this will be of a similar opinion. Good authors are rare. This book’s a keeper. More on that later.

Completed a year in Chennai. Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing. These milestones are reminders of all that needs to be done. The usual you know. Find a better job. Figure out what I actually want to do. Maybe study some more. Change being the only constant, we just keep looking for reasons to change something or the other.

Right now, I am just complacent. Rather, content is a better word. One day at a time. One step at a time. Baby steps.Someday when am sitting in my corner and sipping that coffee, I’ll figure out the bigger picture. All that needs to be done. For now, Floyd and I shall keep each other company till I sleep. 🙂

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