Random Happiness

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand 

Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand 

Life is good today. Life is good today… 

Some song by Zac Brown Band that I have been humming since morning. Please don’t take the lines literally. I am not drinking beer..not in the morning atleast! 😀 Its my state of mind. Not a worry in the world. 🙂 I am a cause for worry..to Ma atleast. But in my mindspace, its like the joys of spring and autumn put together. Ma is still waiting for the day when I’ll take life seriously. I do. But not today. Not now. Not when am sitting in my room, listening to music and smiling goofily. For no reason at all! Or for so many odd reasons that I stopped counting. 🙂

Dada says ‘More choices..more thoughts’. That’s his reply to my perennial confusion about everything. Have been getting the ‘High time you should get married’ talk with alarming frequency. From expected and unexpected corners. But dada says ‘Enjoy your freedom’. 🙂 In a family of perfectionists, he allows me to not worry about my eccentricities and flaws. He is the benchmark of good behaviour. The  perfect son. He can do no wrong. It’s comforting to hear from him that its okay to err. At times. I think that kind of freedom keeps one grounded. Keeps me rooted.  So today I shall enjoy my freedom. Tomorrow maybe, I’ll be a li’l more serious. Like Ma keeps saying – I’ll give settling down a thought.

I’ll need a new post to talk about dada’s impending marriage. 🙂 Its almost ten months away and the Shome family is already kicking up a storm. 😀 But na, not here. Some other post for that. 

Am full of contradictions. So much so that my thoughts also change directions at an alarming rate! On one of my hopelessly jobless days, I was thinking how time has flown by. Two years of MBA. They just whizzed by. Then last week I realised how time has stood still. Change is not the only constant. I met a friend after almost a decade and it felt like yesterday. We are both still full of utter nonsense, and yet we make perfect sense to each other. Everyone should have a couple of such friends. The constants in your life. When life overwhelms you in a good or a bad way, an earful of abuses from them is all you need to sing the song I have been singing all day long. 🙂 So when I am being my irritating self, and Sam and Divs say – f*** you bong!….I smile and think of an entire decade spent with them. I wish everyone had that kinda luck! No sarcasm here 🙂

As I hum, am thinking of the good times. Of snow capped mountains and friends sipping brandy. Of a new job at a not-so-new place. Of partying till late into the night and then heading out for coffee just to see the sunrise. Of conversations meaningless and meaningful. Of waking up with that warm feeling.

Yeah…Life is good today! 🙂 🙂

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