Small Joys on a Monday

Dated – March, 2012

Its a Monday. I am at my zombiest best. Slept in the car on my way to work (No, I wasn’t driving!). I think I slept a little while walking towards my building too. If you know me well enough, you would be well aware that I can sleep anywhere, anytime and anyhow! Now, in my company, options to kill time are minimal. Firewalls are used to suck the happiness out of you. Even good old Gmail is on quota time. Can you believe that! So, by the time you write ‘Hey! you know who’s getting married next…’ and then you start listing the long list of people who’ve made your single life miserable by plunging into this social menace, the quota time of 10 minutes run out. So, you refresh the page to get the next quota time slot, and more often than not, you forget to save the long mail you typed. So, you give up and just type in a one liner ‘Hey! what’s up! Nothing much at my end.’ mail out of sheer frustration. See, now you know why I don’t send long mails anymore. To make my defense rock solid, my laptop breathed its last five odd months back.

So, to get back to the small joys. For cheap thrills today, I typed in and pressed enter. And it opened! It actually opened! For restricted IT networks, facebook is like office porn I guess. Its frowned upon and blocked with a vengeance. I woke up from my partial slumber, sent celebratory pings to 10 odd people and started browsing/ snooping through random people’s profiles. Overall general knowledge has increased markedly within an hour. News for today –

  • Kahaani is a good/awesome/must watch movie (I agree)
  • People actually celebrated holi with colours (come to Chennai and you would know why that is a big deal. I was in office, sending happy holi pings to colleagues. Sigh!)
  • More marriages and anniversaries happened. Profile pictures have lost individuality and names have become longer.
  • Guess what I did this weekend updates. Boo. I was at home with a broken down AC. Hmmppff! Don’t want to know!
  • Half a dozen of those pics with what you think I do and my dog thinks I do and Obama thinks I do. Who came up with that!

In short, good entertainment. S actually has work. No time for long meaningful conversations about what we want to be when we grow up. So, we converse through smileys.

Me: šŸ˜¦ (Bored)
S: šŸ™‚ (I know. I have work. Don’t disturb)
Me: :-/ (That’s a difficult one to decipher. So, what’s up? Are you bored too?)
S: šŸ˜ (Stop talking. Now.)
Me: šŸ™‚ (Aah you’re bored too. Good good. More later!)
S: #@*%$

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