The Partial Truth

Dated – January, 2012

There is a bit of love in hatred. A bit of warmth in a cold shoulder. When you looked at me and said everything will be alright, there was a tinge of worry. A barely noticeable nervous twitch in your confidence. A bit of wrath in a calm smile. A small grudge in true love. You wavered a little, when you were my rock solid support. You skipped a note when you sang. Needless to say, the song was beautiful. The love, life altering. Some sanity in fear, and some insanity in boredom. A bit of hope in despair. Shades of the past in the future. The impulse to look back while you are moving on. There was a hint of a smile when you cried. A trace of a tear when you lit up the room with your smile. That’s how life is. Always the partial truth. Maybe you are not supposed to look for perfection. Maybe all you need to do is look for these bits of happiness when you’re sad. Maybe life is supposed to be knit with these bits and pieces. Good and bad. Maybe the truth is not all you look for. Maybe, all that you’re looking for is that life altering love, albeit with a little bit of aversion.

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