Writing Again

Dated – October, 2012

You know Murphy, right? That wise guy who said when you are having a bad day, it will keep getting worse. That what can go wrong, will go wrong. On that very day. Today, it looks like Murphy is having a field day. Woke up with a fever and a cold that makes me sneeze 5 times at one go. Had to go to an office 20 kms away. And how! Took an auto. Then a bus. Then snoozed in the bus. Got off at the wrong stop. Took a bus back to where I wanted to go. Yes, I am all about public transport. 🙂 I feel like a lost lamb at work today. Most things don’t make sense and don’t know when the day will end.

I haven’t written much this year. Well, I like to be a private person at times. In a world of incessant status updates, privacy has fast become a luxury. Its been a year of a lot of travel, good times, mistakes and some tough decisions. Someone very dear said that follow your heart. It might not seem like the easiest thing to do, but that is still the only way to live right. Anyway, that’s as philosophical I can get on a Monday at 7 pm while I am sitting in office.

That’s what I wrote last week. Sitting at the Mumbai airport now. 6am and I am as fresh as a bread straight out of the oven! 🙂 I think I know food similes for everything. Easier to relate to them you know. My supposed work trip turned out to be an all expenses paid trip to do nothing. Work got pushed to next week and there I was, in my favorite city with an entire evening to myself. Needless to say, the evening was well spent. My point being that Murphy can go screw himself. Sometimes Lady Luck beats him fair and square. As a true blue feminist, I am always on the lady’s side! 🙂

I watch Crime Patrol nowadays. There there..now don’t you go ‘unfriend’ me on Facebook. So this one is a set of real life stories of crime in India and how the police resolved it. Immediate repercussion of watching this series is useless paranoia. Like yesterday, I was alone in a guesthouse with only the housekeeper for company. And the door was one of those, with no manual latch. So, one can easily get in with a key. I swear I kept thinking that the housekeeper is going to break in anytime! Note to self – stop watching stuff which makes my Bengali self more scared. Any which way, we beat the rest of the world when it comes to being afraid!

Parents are a funny lot. Couple of weeks back, I was having a tough conversation with my set. And I had prepped myself for days before this conversation. Braced myself for the anger and wrath. And then, when I did talk to them, they didn’t get mad. They just understood. Stood by me. And you know what’s funny and terrible at the same time – that you feel worse because they understood. Anger one can stand. Its always love that is tougher to deal with.

Oh this year work got better. Again, sheer luck. Realized how big an inertia we have against change! There was this opportunity staring at me. Literally, in my face. And I was dilly-dallying with it. For no good reason. What I was doing was literally sucking the happiness out of my life! Yet, I was mulling over this new thing. Sometimes, we are just daft, right! But, I did make that change. And I like my work now. Quite a few shades better than what it was.

Time to board. The whiteboard says BLOG. And blog I shall.

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