Along the Turkish Coastline

Dated – October, 2013

In a bus on our way to this small village called Kas. The sea is in different shades of turquoise. View is absolutely awesome. Crappy photos I know, but that’s all my phone could manage. Roads here are super. Taking a bus to anywhere is extremely complex! For our journey from Cappadocia to Antalya, we had to change 5 buses! Indian buses run far more efficiently.

The Turkish bay side deserves 2-3 weeks. Dotted with small villages and towns, it is the kind of place where you hire a car and stop where you want. Then pull a beach lounger and laze away the day. Pretty much what a lot of people seem to be doing here. Cannot wait to reach Kas and hit the beach. Supposedly, there is a gem of a beach there.

Small beaches dot the entire route


Antalya was not impressive at all. On hindsight, we should have skipped it for a stop at Side. On a 10 day vacation, wasting a day is such a let down.

Loving Turkish breakfasts. So very fresh! Almost about to reach Kas now. More later!


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