From the mountains – Day Two

Dated – May, 2013

We’re sitting in this place called Chowranghikhal. The wolf like dog refuses to leave our side. As a family, we are not very dog-friendly you know. So, am watching Ma make half-hearted attempts at shooing Mr. I-want-whatever-you-are-eating. Its just a town square, this place. Lined with tea shops and a few knick knacks. Just the kind of place where you stop for a tea and stretch your legs. 


We reached Gangotri yesterday at around 6 in the evening. The roads were horrible. After doing leh, srinagar, manali and so many other places by road, this came as a rude shock. The Indigo rattled our bones with no mercy. By the time we were close to Gangotri, I was dust smeared and well, not very happy. The good thing about ice capped mountains is that the ice melts in summers. And there are small trickles all along the way. I got off the car and walked into one of those ice cold trickles. Just stopped short of taking a full on shower!  Amazing how these small things can just make your day.

There is this scary rumbling as you enter Gangotri. Getting a room with a view is pretty simple, considering every door and window opens to the river. Pretty cheap too, at 700 a night. The temple is not awe inspiring as such. But, sitting near the river is. It rumbles down ferociously. Commands respect in a way only the very powerful can.

We prayed today morning. Each of us with our own customized wishlists of people to keep happy, and dear ones to get better, and loved ones to be closer. After all, hope is a good thing. 🙂 Now we are headed to Rudraprayag.  Another gruelling journey. We are all switching between sleep and random conversations.  When put in such close quarters with no tv or other gadgets, conversations become imperative. Quite fun too. Almost feels like catching up with my folks after years. Will write more from Rudraprayag!

Rudraprayag – you can see the two different colors merging from Mandakini and Alaknanda

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