Turning 30 (Because I have a deal with God)

Dated – March, 2016

For those of you who got the title, you have passed the FRIENDS fanatics test. For others, it is a lost reference. So, last Friday was my birthday and I could not have possibly asked for a nicer weekend! For starters, I got more wishes through the long forgotten method of calling, as compared to social media (which can be so warm). Relationships feel so much more tangible when there is voice or a hug along with the niceties. 🙂
Going back to Friday. You know a day has started well when a warm cake with walnuts arrives at your doorstep (along with C) at midnight. Now C is a chef par excellence. I get to make ridiculous requests every birthday (and otherwise), and I get it all. This birthday, all I wanted was the plain vanilla cake Ma used to make in her old oven. C was not pleased. Of all the things that I could have asked for! This was underselling her capabilities. But I did get a warm, brown and very yum vanilla cake. Oh I also received a french press, because there was an obvious lack of coffee and related products at home. Not any more! Now if you visit, you get to pick between a fancy tea pot and a french press. 🙂

The French Press

I pretended to work all Friday. High point of work being a very official meeting at a bar, where the boss toasted and the waiter got in free dessert. It is not easy turning 33, or 30 anything for that matter. Thank god there is whiskey to take the edge off these numbers! The day also got in a married friend, who had gone into deep slumber after tying the knot. There is this terrible correlation between marriage and disappearance, which is usually us single people’s biggest gripe against the committed ones! So yes, this promised to be a warm evening with comfort company. The libations for the evening had been lined up. Absinthe, Moonshine (aka poison), Pinot Noir, Jagermeister. Irrespective of the occasion, no one should have this mix! The dish washer became the mike and we brought Backstreet back, alright! 😉 I have blurry memories of this place in downtown called Mrs. Fish, later in the evening. Just to do an age reality check, Wie lasted till the next morning, while we all bowed out by 1 am. 🙂


They say you have hit the middle ages, when inspite of a late night, you wake up early in the morning (6.30 am) and then pester the rest of the world to wake up. That was me on Saturday. Finally, convinced the boss for a soul food breakfast at his place (because I am shameless like that). That place is fast becoming a home away from home. Order of the day was mimosas by the pool and Naren’s biryani. We are aces at lounging around. Played pool. Played shuffle board. Swam for a bit, only to realize that’s too much work. So sat in the jacuzzi. Ate again. Perfect day. 🙂 We had been hearing about this place called Good Times at Davey Wayne’s for the longest time. It is so popular that there is an actual check in for the line outside the place! Getting in was monstrously painful, yet the music was so good, that I am good to go back there any day! Maybe a little early though. That line can’t happen again! A live band played Highway to Hell. And then they belted out ‘I will survive’. Obviously every self respecting single person in the house went hoarse.

And then came Easter Sunday and Marie’s potluck invite. And along with it a very long lunch with a bunch of extremely warm people. 🙂 Zaldy’s beautiful home, Fabri on the guitar, Catherine singing like a pro and a ready supply of wine. It all added up really well. So much so that there were no Monday blues! 🙂

This was a brilliant weekend. Writing it all down because some day, when the silver lining is hiding behind a cloud, I probably will read this and know that there is always a reason to smile. Be it dad’s alarm which was set for two time zones at 12 am. The vanilla cake, the bottle of wine and the flowers on my coffee table that are still blooming. The FaceTime calls and the warm toasts. The dance moves that were so bad that it bordered on the good. Old friends and new and Hey Jude on the guitar (that Fabri didn’t want to play!). All I can say is thank you for all the affection. It makes my world go round! 🙂

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