Why Don’t You?

I know it’s Mother’s Day. And no, this post isn’t about Ma. Because my every other post is. Let’s just talk about something else? So, I started volunteering at The Trevor Project few weeks back. If Marvel super heroes had real life versions, I would bet my money on the fact that more than half of them (if not all) work here. These are not super humans, but regular folks who just have hearts so big, it kind of does seem like a super power. So, Trevor Project is a teenage LGBTQ support group, with a focus on crisis intervention and suicide prevention. In this world of dirty orange politics and increasing bias, their presence is that silver lining over a dark cloud. Hope on a miserable day. And you know what they say about hope. 🙂

Remember, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. – Shawshank Redemption

I heard the most powerful stories of human resilience in these last few weeks. You know it has been that kind of a year for me, where I needed to hear these stories. It is amazing how someone else’s strength can help you move through your own tough spots. You know who you are when I say this; thank you. For your affirmations and your unconditional love. 🙂 It meant the world to me.

In one of my many conversations with the Mister, I was mulling over why I didn’t make the effort earlier to volunteer. Why did it take so long to find something? And I have no fair answer. Regret is not my favorite emotion, but this would be on that list. I had the time and the means. Always. Maybe so do you. Think about it. This is also the reason why I am writing this post. Believe in the power of random acts of kindness. This time I want to be prescriptive. Find the time and make an effort. What do you have to lose anyway? Maybe volunteer for Trevor itself, if you are in US. Or for any other cause that seems right. Brooding and talking about Syria and Trump and Somalia is one thing, but that’s just sympathy. Trevor also taught me the difference between sympathy and empathy. And empathy is what you need. That one random act of kindness. I promise it will come back to you.

Ma and Baba are, as usual, trying to understand more about the things I do. I have been explaining the Trevor Project to them. I sense pride in their voices. But that’s just their default mode. 🙂 Well, this Mother’s Day, I send my love not just to the parent set, but also to you all at Trevor and my family-like set of friends. I have grown up on a healthy diet of stories about good over evil, and every time I think that maybe they were just stories, you come along with your tales of love. The sunshine on my blog; that’s all you. Thank you for everything.

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