White Sands National Monument

The last time I visited New Mexico was on a road trip with Payal in July 2015. White sands was on my list then too, but we just didn’t have the time. So, we bookmarked it. For round two. This year was round two. Payal is not around anymore. And, I was in two minds about going back to NM. But on hindsight, it was cathartic and well, I did go with some very dear ones. 

Coming back to White Sands. Camping here had been on my list for a while. It was a birthday weekend and something special had to be done. These dunes are beautiful and camping is hassle free. First come first served 10 spots. Fairly wide spread. No bathrooms in a 1 mile radius; so nature is your best friend, in case you need to go. We were lounging around way before 8 am to book our spot, but it didn’t seem like they get filled up super fast. The dunes get super hot in the day. So, we drove to this small town nearby called Truth or Consequences. On a whim, went into this hot spring spa called Riverbend Hot Springs. This was so good! The picture should be able to explain why, and if that wasn’t enough, when the spring gets too hot, there was an overhead shower which could be pulled in, to drizzle cold water.

Riverbend Hot Springs

Came back to White Sands closer to sunset. Some in the group had questionable luggage for camping. So, the walk to the camping spot was quite laugh worthy. At least, for the ones who were not carrying large trolleys. 🙂

The place is unbelievable pretty. I will let the photographs talk. The sunset was breathtaking and the night spent under the stars was surreal. It was a quiet trip for me, but the friends I was traveling with, went way back. So, the evening was spent with stories old and new. I was, as usual, trigger happy.

Sunset at White Sands





Starry night 🙂
The birthday kids!

For the two birthday kids, wishing never ending travel stories and the warmth of loved ones. Today and always!

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