Why you cry?

Dear Kubo,

It has been (almost) five months since you arrived. Ever since, our lives have become a giant problem solving session to figure how to make you stop crying. Not that you cry too much. You are a good kid that way. Fairly happy with mundane things. But when you do cry, it throws us in a frenzy. It usually leads to a group discussion on whether you are hungry, or maybe you would like to poop, or you have poked yourself somewhere, or you are sleepy. You see what I mean?

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-05 at 10.14.15 AM

This week is sort of a bad week. This is the first time your mom is home alone with you. Nani left for India, Shomu uncle is kinda far away, and both daddy and I had to travel for work. Be good while we are away, okay? Your mom is already on her third sleepless night.

Since this is the first post, let’s rewind a little. You came to this world a little late (about a week late). In this lazy, reluctant manner. If you ever wonder where that trait comes from, your mom is to be blamed. She takes the prize for being lazy and being late! You know the friends who say ‘We are 5 minutes away’, when they are roaming at home in their pajamas? She is one of those.

You have spent last five months with all of us obsessing over you and observing your every first. You have become my camera’s favorite subject. Your first bath, first smile, first vaccine, first Halloween. The list is long. I even got the time when you first pooped. 😀

We dressed you as Superman for your first Halloween, custom made et al. We also wanted to stuff you in a pumpkin for a photo op, but that pumpkin is still sitting at home. We never got to it.


The number of nicknames are increasing exponentially. None of them are very nice. I am afraid that by the time you read this, you would already be complaining to us about the origins of these names. But we will get to that later. For now, you really don’t have a say. 🙂

There are so many stories I could tell you about all of us. Of how we met. Of all the places we have traveled to. Of the sunsets we saw. And the times we sang together and cooked together. Of snow fights and days at the beach. But there’s time for that. One post at a time. For now, just know that as tiny as you are right now, you have managed to completely change our lives. In the nicest possible manner. 🙂

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