Dear Kubo,

You call me Maasi now! 🙂 You also know that ‘Su’ refers to me. Though, instead of ‘Su’, you call me ‘Shoe’. And that’s perfectly okay. My heart predictably explodes every time you call my name.

You are all of 19 months now. Your vocabulary has expanded. Thankfully, no terrible words yet. We all are trying to be as cautious as possible with our language around you. That’s quite an achievement for my expletive-ridden vocab. Self pat on my back.

A lot has changed since I last wrote to you. For starters, I moved out of LA. Now, I live in San Francisco. Not too far, yet this move was by far the toughest one I have done so far. The only other move which felt comparable was leaving my home town and parents, when I left for college. I miss you and your mom terribly. That home that I would drive to, every time I would have a good or a bad day, is no more a pit stop. Not sure how long this distance will last. Maybe by the time you are reading this, I am your next door neighbor. 🙂

Let’s talk about you a little bit. You are an affectionate toddler. The light of our lives. You run to us and hug us. That makes our day. You still hate food. That’s a problem we are yet to solve. The weight situation is still poor. You are growing taller though. The curls are back, and you look dapper in your sweaters, suspenders and bow-ties. We see streaks of anger and stubbornness in you, from time to time. You might have picked some of that from your mommy. Just saying. You are obsessed with garbage trucks. And I truly mean it, when I say obsessed. You also have an immense liking for fire trucks, buses and other forms of trucks. But, garbage trucks are top of the list. To give you a sense of it – we walked to the Embarcadero waterfront today, which is a gorgeous place to walk in the sun. There were people, birds, ferries, Bay bridge, music, dogs, sunshine and countless other worthwhile things to stare at. You stood on the dustbin and said bye to all the trucks that went by.

I wrote this when I moved to San Francisco last year. Amidst all the changes big and small, this post stayed in the drafts. I still miss the life that was LA.



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