A Dinosaur, a Fireman and a Witch

Dear Kooby,

It is still 2020 and we are still living through this wildly dystopian year. I am going to assume that by the time you read this, you understand words such as ‘dystopian’ and you are not skipping vowels and punctuations, like kids do nowadays. If you ever write lyk for like and dis for this, we probably need to sit down and have a serious conversation.

You have a cute-as-a-button brother now. He was born in May this year, and you have been calling him ‘my brother‘ since then, for everyone’s reference. You have not shown an iota of jealousy, and we are so proud of you for the human you are growing up to be. You named him Coco, because of your love for Coca-Cola. So, here we are with the two of you now – Kubo and Coco. Every time we think we can’t possibly love you both more, you come up with something absolutely endearing. You hug freely and are generous with your kisses. You say things like ‘Are you happy?’ and ‘It’s okay’ on our lowest days. You dance with us on bad Bollywood music and sing rhymes for us very reluctantly. Some of these songs you sing are very ‘Jesus’ focused, but oh well, we would listen to anything you sing, Or say.

On your 3rd birthday

The other day I asked you what I should be for Halloween. We do make you wear dhoti for Indian festivals. Figured we might as well comply for the American rituals. You are a three year old tiny adult now, with strong opinions and an excellent ability to express them. So, pat came the answer that I should be a dinosaur. And Mumma should be a witch. Going by my eating habits (and subsequent horizontal growth) and your mom’s stress (and anger) levels, I would say that is a pretty apt ask. This year, we are learning from you, how to not give two sh*ts about catastrophic events. And how to focus on the more important, smaller things in life. So, today, I will be in a air-pumped blue dinosaur costume, running after a witch and a tiny fireman, blowing big bubbles. And when we are all super tired, we will stuff our faces with all the candy we can lay our hands on. If you are curious, we are planning to stuff Coco in a giant pumpkin for a photo-op.

Happy Halloween Kooby. 🙂

Halloween FootnoteBeing scared is okay. May you always have the strength to deal with your fears.


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