London Summer

It’s the summer solstice day. It’s a day full of light. The beginning of summer. The yoga teacher asked me to think about all the love and joy in my life. And that’s how I started my morning. In a warm, cozy bed in a quaint hostel in Camden. It is also International Yoga day and no, that’s not why I was doing yoga today. This London trip has quickly become a food tour, and I figured that doing something healthy in the morning might at least make my (health) conscience feel better.

So here I am, sitting in the hostel cafe, sipping on vegan macchiato. After a round of fairly inflexible yoga. Well, I will give myself full points for trying. Also, could I be more in-with-the-times! Yoga and vegan coffee. Beat that, all you woke people in this world. The barista here, Nivé, customized my coffee and obviously, now she is almost top of my list of favorite humans in London. Top of the pyramid of course is Aaki, but Nivé comes close second for making my mornings better. P says baristas are my soul humans (animals?). She might have a point there.

I have decided to walk through London. Miles have been traversed under the warm British sun, and it has only been three days. I have quickly realized that London humans go a bit berserk when the sun comes out. To sit indoor (or in shade) when the sun is shining is criminal. Though guess who doesn’t give in to peer pressure? 🙂 A 39 year old queer woman is the poster child for all things aberrant. So I am walking around and sitting around in equal measures.

It is a gorgeous city. And the sun does it make it sparkle quite a bit. Aaki is giving the best kind of food recommendations, and I am diligently eating through all of them. A quick mention for the pasta hall of fame is the silk handkerchiefs at Bancone. I don’t have enough words to do justice to that dish. But as Hannah said today, think of all the joy in your life. Well, you can buy an evening of joy for about 9 pounds at Bancone. Best money I have spent in a while!

Speaking of Bancone, I also realized that I love time on my own. I miss my usual company too, yet I am finally comfortable in my own skin, sitting and reading and polishing a plate full of pasta with an Aperol spritzer. I used to find solo meals uncomfortable. Don’t know when solitude became a friendly place. Maybe I am finally showing signs of growing older.

Today is a day for all of P’s recommendations. There is a tube strike in London, which almost makes me homesick for Calcutta. 🙂 As kids say these days, iykyk. So, no trains today. My vague itinerary will hopefully take me to Camden market, Primrose hills and some hidden coffee place. I am reading a lovely book based on lives of London commuters. Very pleased with this happy coincidence.

Oh, Pride month is making everything way more colorful and rainbow-like. Loving it! 🙂

It’s time to make hay while the sun shines.

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