On a cold rainy day..

Dated – January, 2014

It is absolutely grey and hazy outside. Been raining for quite a few hours now. The month is January and I sit basking in the love and warmth of Ma Baba in Patna. Bengali parents’ love almost always translates into a lot of food. So, over the past few days I have obliged by eating an impressive amount of fish, chicken and all things sweet. One’s got to do what one’s got to do! What is it about the rain that makes a hot cup of coffee so endearing? My third steaming cup of the day and I don’t think I am done yet. Continue reading “On a cold rainy day..”


Dated – February, 2011

As a kid, when I learned to use my limbs in a somewhat coordinated fashion, I chose my left hand as my errands hand. So I picked and threw things, doodled on walls, hid important stuff, dropped and broke some other important stuff, waved an awkward bye…all of it with my left hand. Back then, it was a frowned upon habit. Right now it is cool to be left-handed. Some say it is a sign of intelligence! Imagine how close I came to being an intelligent geek..sigh! the opportunities we miss in life! 😀 Anyway..so Ma forced right-handedness on me. The devoted kid that I am, I moved from left-handedness to ambidexterity to right-handedness 🙂 The ease with which kids learn things..its quite amazing. Continue reading “Ambidextrous”

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