New Mexico

Dated – July, 2015

First long (and free) weekend of 2015. A weekend when I wasn’t required to carry my laptop or my phone. So, New Mexico happened. It was one of those really short conversations, which ended up in us booking flight tickets, with no plan in hand. The intent was to stay away from the crowd, which on a long weekend is a pretty tough thing to do. Needless to say, we were extremely successful. New Mexico is solitude exemplified. With killer landscape. Continue reading “New Mexico”

Solvang and Santa Ynez

Dated – February, 2015

This happened back in February I think. Had just got my license. So picked up a rental on a random weekend. Solvang is a three hour drive from LA (130 miles). As you will notice in this post, I don’t have a high opinion about this place. It is a fake Danish town built to cater to tourists. And I don’t do pretentious. S says that I should write about the bad ones as well. Too much of good ain’t a good thing. 🙂 Continue reading “Solvang and Santa Ynez”

New Year 2015 in Mexico: Baja California

Ok, so the names in this side of the world are all mixed up. There is Mexico which shares a border with California. But a part of Mexico is called Baja California. Which is not a part of California. If this wasn’t enough, there is New Mexico, which is not a part of Mexico. It is a state in US which shares a border with Mexico. They really could have thought of simplifying this entire thing! Anyhow, this post is about New Year 2015 that we spent in Baja California. Yes, I am trying to get all the long due posts out of the way while my vacation is breathing its last. Continue reading “New Year 2015 in Mexico: Baja California”

LA to San Francisco through PCH

Dated – August, 2015

Driving in US has been great! Except for a few minor ‘incidents’, I have largely been accident and injury free (to self and others). After spending about six months without a car, the ability to drive has been absolutely liberating. In a country where public transport is frowned upon, it is alarming how a small task like getting groceries becomes a challenge. Well, all that is sorted now. But the lack of public transport will always be a big negative for this country. Continue reading “LA to San Francisco through PCH”

Love Stories

At the end, you are only left with love stories. That’s all you will remember. Rest is just the universe’s attempt to make you figure out what snagged a place in your heart and what didn’t. I was born with a big black mole on my toe. Baba said I will love to travel. I do. Don’t know if this love for travel stemmed from Baba’s love for all that I do. Or maybe it was just meant to be. Continue reading “Love Stories”


I thought I will start with humor. You know, about Bengalis and running. There are quite a few of those. But one shouldn’t trivialize the important things. Running has been a game changer for me. And I have been running for barely 6 weeks! Yet, it is turning around my days and weeks. For the better. Continue reading “Run”

Turning 30 (Because I have a deal with God)

Dated – March, 2016

For those of you who got the title, you have passed the FRIENDS fanatics test. For others, it is a lost reference. So, last Friday was my birthday and I could not have possibly asked for a nicer weekend! For starters, I got more wishes through the long forgotten method of calling, as compared to social media (which can be so warm). Relationships feel so much more tangible when there is voice or a hug along with the niceties. 🙂 Continue reading “Turning 30 (Because I have a deal with God)”

The Kiss – Hug – Handshake Dilemma

Dated – March, 2016

I grew  up in India. Scratch that. I grew up in Patna. While I have a lot of good things to say about the pseudo gangster town (because it is still home), my wonder years had a few very strong social repercussions. For the uninitiated, Patna in the dark ages (aka the Yadav rule) redefined insecurity. Of the psychological and physical kind. Had written a post few years back which may give you a better insight. Continue reading “The Kiss – Hug – Handshake Dilemma”

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