New Zealand

I can never decide whether I love or hate Sundays. The thought of Monday is rarely pleasant, yet I always find calm in Sunday mornings. Often spent with a book and coffee in a nearby cafe. Today was spent, sitting in the warmth of a summer that is fading away quickly. Finished this book called ‘The Outsider’ by Albert Camus. Beautiful read. A man who doesn’t lie. A man who didn’t cry at his mother’s funeral. And a society which doesn’t understand people who exist beyond the boundaries of norms defined by them. Maybe this deserves a separate post. Continue reading “New Zealand”


It is a warm September afternoon in LA. I am sitting on the patio of a coffee shop in Los Feliz, a slight breeze on my face. The patio is beautiful. Plants everywhere, small wooden tables arranged haphazardly and a mix of comfortable and uncomfortable chairs. I am on my second cup of coffee and staring at this book called ‘The Outsider’ by Albert Camus. It is a gift. A keepsake from a dear one. Truth be told, I haven’t even made it to the second page. She often tells me that it is okay to just be. I am learning slowly. Mind is meandering to various moments in the past one year. Continue reading “Cambodia”

Guest Post – Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Dated – April, 2014

Realized that this blog has not been updated ever since I moved to US. Last eight months have been a blur. Moving to a new place has its own learning curve. Learning to live without a big network of friends, learning to drive, learning to see your family through Skype. The list is long. As usual, time and distance have been the greatest teachers. More on that on the other blog.  Finishing up the long pending Tokyo post. This one is a guest post from S. 🙂 S has a fairly severe case of ADD. So, she zones out at an alarming rate. Took her a lot of willpower (and time) to write this one. So, here goes. Continue reading “Guest Post – Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo”

Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Japan – Fujisan

Dated – March, 2014

Golden rule. Must not start a new trip without writing about the old one. It has been over three months and we have not been anywhere! Very rare for us. But with some major changes coming up, it has been kinda hard to plan anything. We put our foot down at the fourth month though. 🙂 So, July has a good trek lined up. Treks are more up C’s alley, so she is counting days while I am hoping we don’t have to camp in snow. Anyway. I thought I should finish the Japan posts before we start packing our backpacks. Continue reading “Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Japan – Fujisan”

Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Japan – Kyoto

After Osaka, we moved to Kyoto. It takes about thirty minutes by train. This was the day we started using the JR Pass. We missed out on getting the pass stamped at the Kansai airport, so had to run around a bit for it. For ignoramus, the rail pass needs to be stamped before you start travel and that can be done only at select locations in Japan. So, we reached Kyoto in the afternoon sometime and checked in to the Khao San hostel, very close to the Gion area. Continue reading “Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Japan – Kyoto”


<Updated after the 2017 visit>

Six degrees of separation. Flat world. Blah blah. World’s become a small place you say? I think its become a difficult place. Close ones don’t just move to different cities, but move to different countries altogether. Its not easy keeping in touch anymore. More the means of communication, lesser we communicate. Stupid ironies of life. So, a get together with some of these friends is so rare. And so awesome. 🙂 Continue reading “Singapore”

Koh Phangaan – Full Moon Party

When you Google ‘top ten parties in the world’, Full Moon party is always way up there in the rankings. And for good reason! The problem with words is they generally fall short of conveying the full impact of all things beautiful and fun. The vibe and energy of Koh Phangaan on a full moon night is difficult to explain. My only two cents of wisdom  – your bucket list is incomplete without it! Continue reading “Koh Phangaan – Full Moon Party”

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