Oktoberfest in Munich

Dated – September, 2011

Oktoberfest! The Mecca for beer lovers. The conversion ground for non beer drinkers. The raison d’etre for our Euro Trip. There was no discussion about this. One of those unsaid and necessary things to do. Planning a trip becomes so easy when you have a stubborn goal in your head. Ours was Oktoberfest and it had to happen in 2011! Continue reading “Oktoberfest in Munich”

Frankfurt and Rhine Valley

Dated – September, 2011

Let’s start with the beginning. The beginnings are always fun, right! Brimming with enthusiasm and optimism about a new place. There is something very refreshing about leaving behind the routine that life tends to become on most days. And here we were. 17 days of no looking back. No work and nothing to differentiate between a weekend and a weekday. So, in spite of the crappy delayed flight, we hop-skip-jumped into Frankfurt at 3 pm. I know familiarity breeds comfort for most people, but I absolutely love everything new and different.  Continue reading “Frankfurt and Rhine Valley”

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