Leh Road Trip – Srinagar

The lag between the trips and the journals has been increasing exponentially! So, lets see. Where were we last? So in April 2012, we were in Thailand for a week. A blissful week at that! Guess I wrote too much. But well, that’s how much I liked the place! Next we had Leh on the radar. The year we went to Europe is the year when most of my friends went off to Leh. Europe had wiped out my finances. So we solemnly promised ourselves that next year same time we shall be headed off to Leh! And there we were – Independence Week – 10th to 20th August, 2012. Continue reading “Leh Road Trip – Srinagar”

Ignitink Article: A Long Weekend in Munnar

<I wrote this for the Travel & Lifestyle section of the online magazine www.ignitink.com >

Robert Louis Stevenson read my mind when he said – For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.

It was the Republic Day weekend. We took the Friday off to make this a four day long weekend (a luxury of sorts!). We packed our backpacks and boarded Pothigai Express from the Egmore station to head to Madurai. We had a sketchy plan and a few vague reservations. Rest as always falls in place. Travelling after all is just a leap of faith. The moment you plan too much, it starts resembling work! Continue reading “Ignitink Article: A Long Weekend in Munnar”

Ignitink Article: For the Love of Rasam

Travel & Lifestyle section of the online magazine www.ignitink.com >

As cyclone Thane swept the city with a vengeance, we stood at the Elliot’s beach, with wind in our faces and sand swirling by our feet. The waves were huge and we were drenched and cold. Some call it stupidity. I call it love for this city and its beaches. It is not Goa, but it is quite something. For a Bengali brought up in Bihar, Chennai has slowly and surely become a home far away from home. A potpourri of old and new, this place probably depicts India better than most cities. For those who blanch at the name of this city, come with a clean slate and maybe, just maybe you’ll see the place how I see it. And this is how I see it. Continue reading “Ignitink Article: For the Love of Rasam”

Western Ghats

Dated – April, 2011

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.  ~Lao Tzu

As per Mr. Tzu, we are good travelers. Really good actually. We had no plan in mind. Whatever little we did in the name of planning, we screwed up royally. One of us missed a flight. All of us missed the train. Missed a bus too! Water transport was the only one which didn’t take a hit, but that’s because we didn’t travel on one. 🙂 

Continue reading “Western Ghats”


Dated – February, 2010

Last few months of MBA are quintessentially Utopian. After spending more than a year lusting for 8 hours of sleep, we finally had the freedom and time to sleep without an alarm. The funny thing about freedom is, once you have it, you wouldn’t bother to indulge in it. So we didn’t sleep. We planned. Dinners, lunches, breakfasts, parties and travel.

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Dated – April, 2011

Elections in Tamil Nadu. Two long peaceful days stretching ahead of us and we were without a plan. They say the best trips happen without a plan to constrain them. So S and I woke up at a very lazy hour, threw in a few things and dragged ourselves to one of our favourite places for lunch. The idea was to reach Pondicherry somehow and then well..just reach I guess.

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