Dated – September, 2011

This was the end. The last city on our itinerary. I always had a thing for happy endings. Rome was like that. You almost feel like you are in India. A little like Bombay. A little like Delhi. Crowded trains. People warning you of pick-pockets. Too many people just about everywhere. So many that sometimes you’ve got to just stop and let them walk by! And the city is all about history and food. Needless to say, I absolutely loved Rome. Continue reading “Rome”


Dated – September, 2011

All I have for Venice are photographs. Beautiful ones. Surreal ones. It is not a place where you go with friends. It is a place where you go with your loved one. Hold hands. Walk on cobbled roads by the canals. Sit in Gondolas with champagne and music. And then you float into an unbelievably beautiful sunset and think  maybe this is what life is all about. Continue reading “Venice”

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