Fourteen Months

Dear Kubo,

Last I wrote to you was when this year began. And the year is almost wrapping up now.  Time, as usual, flew by. Yet, it made its presence felt on good and bad days. You are fourteen months old now. It is a Saturday morning and the adults in your life are doing their usual things. I am sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on lukewarm coffee and reading a book. I am pretty sure that your parents and Nani are running around you, trying to feed you something healthy. And you kid, you must be throwing a tantrum, refusing food and insisting on standing on the dustbin and looking at trucks go by. Continue reading “Fourteen Months”

Why you cry?

Dear Kubo,

It has been (almost) five months since you arrived. Ever since, our lives have become a giant problem solving session to figure how to make you stop crying. Not that you cry too much. You are a good kid that way. Fairly happy with mundane things. But when you do cry, it throws us in a frenzy. It usually leads to a group discussion on whether you are hungry, or maybe you would like to poop, or you have poked yourself somewhere, or you are sleepy. You see what I mean? Continue reading “Why you cry?”

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