After Chaar Dhaam: Notes from hindsight

Dated – May, 2013

Two weeks after we completed our 10 day trip, there were cloud bursts and flash floods in Uttarakhand. The worst hit places were Rudraprayag, Kedarnath and Badrinath. The very same places I stood with Ma and Baba. They say thousands have died. The calamity was of an unimaginable scale. My first thought as I read the news was what if..what if I was standing there with my folks. What if while I made them smile for the hundredth photo, a massive roar caught us off-guard. Continue reading “After Chaar Dhaam: Notes from hindsight”

Top of the World – Day Three at Kedarnath

Dated – May, 2013

The most spell-binding moments in life happen in the least expected places. And when it happens, there’s a sense of calm that comes over. You’re standing among thousands, yet in that one moment you could probably be the only person in this world. These moments just take your breath away. It struck me with such a force today, I almost had tears in my eyes. We were standing in front of the Kedarnath temple. Ice capped peaks towered over us. Last remnants of sunlight glistened on the ice. And suddenly, candles were lit and everyone started singing. Continue reading “Top of the World – Day Three at Kedarnath”

From the mountains – Day Two

Dated – May, 2013

We’re sitting in this place called Chowranghikhal. The wolf like dog refuses to leave our side. As a family, we are not very dog-friendly you know. So, am watching Ma make half-hearted attempts at shooing Mr. I-want-whatever-you-are-eating. Its just a town square, this place. Lined with tea shops and a few knick knacks. Just the kind of place where you stop for a tea and stretch your legs.  Continue reading “From the mountains – Day Two”

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