I was born with a big black mole on my left toe. Dad had predicted right then that I would travel. To keep his predictions honest and my life pretty awesome, I did travel quite a bit. Growing up in a middle-class education focused family, I never really had the time (or the money) to travel significantly in my early 20s. And I am not complaining at all. Travel started about 7 years back with friends and backpacks. We were independent and free to make plans, and we did make quite a few of them! Some quick notes on my travel style –

  • Love seeing a city with locals and dislike tourist spots
  • Obsessive foodie, so I will mostly know what to eat where, even before I enter a city
  • Love my wine/scotch/beer, and again, would know a city’s famous watering holes
  • Love hostels, made peace with airbnbs (from time to time) and hate hotels
  • Believe that best way to see a place is to walk. Also, because I am usually on a clicking frenzy.
  • Horrible at packing, but prefer carrying my backpack

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